Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting Him Home!!

The immensity of the dirt.
So, it was a very eventful day on the one i officially became the owner of Mr Guk. We went to the previous owners house to pick the car up; it suddenly became very surreal. I was there, a couple thou cash in 50's in my pocket and i was about to buy my very first car!! So the next issue was... tyres... they were mostly flat but otherwise they were not yet so flat he wouldn't roll full-stop, they had a little air and with my assistance with the ORIGINAL hand pump we were on a roll!!

The cable was duly hooked onto the car and then "winch 'im up". This for me was by far the scariest part of the whole operation. Seeing the wheel ramps bend a little under his weight, and the creaks coming from his suspension ( where the cable was attached). But, alas, Mr Guk made it onto the car trailer safe and sound... then came the unloading... as i will detail later.
Mr Guk on the car trailer.

The trip home was mostly me being excited and looking out the back window every five seconds to make sure i wasn't dreaming; i wasn't! We safely made it home and then came the most crucial part of the moving process. The Unload.
On the road

This was a little too steep ...
So after everything had gone so smoothly so far, i was absolutely sure that something bad was going to happen sooner or later. So once the car trailer was in the driveway we soon realized that the descent was far to steep and that the car would get half way and then get stuck half way when the underside hits its pivot point. So plan 'B' was to unload the car onto our street which is a slight hill and the job was going to be precarious where ever it be carried out. So it went like this: the ramps from the car trailer were down, line up with the cars wheels and slowly but surely we backed him to the beginning of the ramp. We then assessed the situation to find he was being reversed slightly left hand down ( dads fault) so we had to do a straighten up. Let it be know to the reader that this was all carried out before he car's motor was active and without the use of the brake pedal therefore  all breaking was done with the hand brake.Slowly we inched him down the ramp until has back wheels were touching the bitumen, then the winch cable undone and the little cars faith was put into dads reversing skills. It was then decided that it be best to be done fast, so in one sift action the handbrake came off and of he rolled. Much to my delight it came straight down the ramps and arrived on the road in one piece where it was the stabled with the handbrake and bricks.

Next came the ENORMOUS job of cleaning the little car, and boy was there alot of dirt.....soap......water......sponges.................!

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