Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Cleaning him up.

So as the car was cleaned we soon realised that it was in pretty good shape, the body was straight the paint not bad considering the previous nature of it.
With out any further ado we scrubbed and we scrubbed and we scrubbed! Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned until we thought is we cleaned anymore that we would rub through the paint.The car was then rolled down the hill from its current point and then pushed it back up into the driveway. This movement was considerably easier than we thought it would be. The event of the carriving in our street certainly served as a focal point for our many neighbours. They appeared left right and center to come marvel what was now a very shiny little car sitting in our driveway.  Though it was now washed it was determined that the paintwork was still heavily engrained granuals of dirt. This was a big job to come and by this stage the sun what setting, but before the day was out, me, being a grease money set about thoroughly cleaning the engine bay and returning the engine to its original less oily clean state of affairs.  With that nightfall had come and dinner "was on the table " so to speak. After covering the car, dinner was had and many already great memories were shared. 
 As you can see in these two photographs , the majority of the dirt was just dust so that was fortunate and we didnt find any rust hiding underneath

The below pic is of the car after being washed, i took advantage of the little shine the water left behind.

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