Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Beginning

So, it has a few weeks since i bought my first car-  I BOUGHT A Jee..........MORRIS MINOR. Infact, not only a Morris Minor, but a 1958 4 door saloon, Bambra Grey in colour. So here comes the story of the wonderful car that is Mr GUK.

 Being in the market for my first car (me being 16) i had a set of rules to follow in order to figure out what i wanted. So the criteria was; it had to have curves, as cars with curves are amazing. It had to be manual as i believe being able to drive a manual car is a good life skill. And to blow the last two rules out of the water..... it had to be a Morris Minor. So with the rules down pat and my heart set on my childhood love of the Morris, i set out on the great adventure of finding a suitable car at a suitable price in a suitable area for pick up. Shopping around i was very surprised by how much these little cars were selling for. Some, full of rust were cheap but would cost as much as the running ones to restore. The cost had gotten to me but i was determined to find one in my budget.  After asking around with some friends at my work place (most 60+) a Morris was located, in comparison to most- it was just around the corner. The car, well i must say that it is a credit to the previous owners for the condition it was in due to the care they took of it. The car was a true barn find; spending its last 15+ years in a garage.

When an inspection time was made, excitement was a huge factor of my life. The only pictures of the car its self were two sent to me by the owners. The exterior was covered in dust and the interior- THE INTERIOR WAS ABSOLUTELY IMMACULATE! So the inspection proved my theory to be true; a small amount of rust, and a whole lot of dust. The motor was cold, sure, but it turned and there was plenty of oil. Next on the inspection list was under the mudguards and the floor pan. The floor had no issues and was still painted in the original color and the "rust prone spots" under the guards were clear.

Leaving the car there, Mum, Dad and myself walked away with a price to discuss. Within the next two days the discussions were had and a conclusion was reached. The car was for sale for the right price and as an added bonus all the numbers match up, the info plate on the body with the body number and the engine number with the spare motor included in the deal. The car holds many a story including a trip up the Birdsville track among others. I hope to tell the stories on the blog of the past, and the many to come. I bought a '58 Morris Minor!