Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Beginning.. all over again!

..... so Mick of Mount Busby Motors, a family friend and mechanical genius (highly reccomended) called it to get us on the right track. After he had found the problem he was able to fix it and had the starter motor going within seconds. This was of course with the assistance of a second car feeding charge into the battery. As though the starter was as loud as a booming speaker, and i kid you not...  90 % of our street was in attendance.

The motor began to turn over and clonk as the starter engaged and disengaged, and eventually with one final rattle it sparked into life. Roaring like a singer sewing machine, as quoted by a neighbor. After about 5 minutes on high revs lowing out the cobwebs, we crossed our fingers and pushed the choke in. The motor dropped to its below 1000 rpm and sustained for about 30 minutes. After this it began to chuckle and conked out.

This was a truly exciting day!

Hopefully now i will be able to spend a little time after year 11 exams updating the blog as, Mr Guk has already been on many a journey !!

Keeping up with traffic :)