Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Seats Out and In

Yes I know, for my limited audience it has been a bit of a long wait for another post ... well here it is :)

It was earlier this year that we took out the seats from Mr GUK- Which does happen to be a requirement to reach the brake rigging and the  most importantly the master cylinder. So this posed a chance for me to clean the seats up as well as possible. Although I didn't need to 'technically' remove the rear seating- the convenience of taking out the back seat was too good not to take advantage!! 

So- it may sound a little bit 'odd' but yes; I have sat in an MM seat in my lounge room and watched an evenings worth of TV! Yes. well, you may laugh at me but at the time it was a great idea! So with the seats out and treated I kind of had an epiphany for a second time.... Yes, I knew the seats were in excellent condition but they really are in top shape. 

Seats in the Dining room before treatment 

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